Who we are

We’re Turner Works.

We’re imagining the way forward, designing the future, making things happen and running the show.


Imagine the way forward…

We develop business plans, feasibility studies, strategies and master plans.
We identify opportunities.
We rethink spaces and places.


Design the future…

We sketch, draw and make models.
We create buildings to live in, work in and learn in.
We map out spaces and places.


Make things happen…

We take simple things and put them together in interesting ways.
We build, manage and deliver.
We get our hands dirty.


Run the show…

We take charge.
We organise events and spaces.
We drive everything forward.
We generate interest, energy and goodwill.


We’ve embraced those four words – imagining, designing, making, running – to give you a sense of who we are and how we work.


We know that identities are all in the mind and that boundaries are there to be blurred. It’s not always about permanence, solid walls and big ideas, though we like those things too. Scraps of space are full of possibility, and long-term change can come with the briefest and smallest of projects.


You could be a community group, a local council, an enlightened developer, or just someone with vision and a bit of courage. Who knows what might happen when we join forces. We’re ready to find out.


020 3846 1890


It’s not just about rethinking our buildings. It’s also about rethinking the structures that underpin our society. We know that’s a lot to take on board before starting a project, but we’re here if you need us.






We are always looking for new partners and organisations to work alongside. So if you have a space that needs a new purpose or a community that needs a boost, we’d love to hear from you.


If you’d like to know more about us or our projects, have a look here.

If you think you might like to join us, have a look here.