I am a senior design strategist and business leader who works with clients from around the world to create places and spaces that better serve their communities. In 2022, I was invited to join the board of Turner Works at a very exciting time, as the company was transitioning from Carl Turner Architects.

Before joining Turner Works, I co-founded and directed Jump Studios, a design studio that worked on a wide range of projects delivering at the intersection of brand, identity, and experience. In 2015, I oversaw the acquisition of Jump Studios by Populous, a world-leading sports and entertainment architecture practice. This partnership enabled Jump Studios to expand its geographic reach and scale of projects, finding new and innovative ways for brands and organisations to connect with their audiences.

In 2021, I stepped away from Jump Studios to pursue my interests in urban strategy, placemaking, and new forms of architectural design that acknowledge the changing landscape of our towns and cities, particularly in the areas of work, retail, and hospitality.

Over the years, I have also spearheaded several of my own projects that relate to the built environment. For instance, I co-created Musicity in 2010, which is a location-based curated digital music platform and app. This project was nominated for a Design Museum 2012 Designs Of The Year Award. More recently, I initiated Common Ground, which is a cycle and active travel destination venue providing a mixed-use platform for all types of cycling communities.