We develop business plans, feasibility studies, strategies and master plans.
We identify opportunities.
We rethink spaces and places.
We imagine the way forward.

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Meanwhile as a solution

We have developed an expertise in temporary or ‘meanwhile’ development. This is the interim use of land or building for which the long-term plan is uncertain. These types of projects have a lifespan that would normally be considered far too short for investment. We believe, however, that we have an evolving model that can unlock both the short and long-term potential of under-utilised sites. We believe that the push effect of standard development models is exacerbating the gentrification of successful cities around the world. We propose the PULL effect as a possible solution, where PULL stands for Populate, Unlock, Learn, and Legacy.

15.07.2019     Thoughts → Making

Peckham Levels Shortlisted in AJ Retrofit Awards

Our meanwhile project in Peckham was Shortlisted for AJ Retrofit Awards Office category.
25.06.2019     TW.TV → Running

Welcome to Turner Works

It’s been 11 years of Carl Turner Architects. It’s time for a new name and a new way of talking about ourselves. We’re Turner Works.
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Void House Newham

A compact, highly private courtyard house for a constrained urban site

06.06.2019     Thoughts → Designing

Mountview shortlisted for NLA Awards

Great news! We are excited to announce that our project Mountview has been shortlisted for an NLA award
05.06.2019     Thoughts → Designing

A Manual for Start-Up Spaces

‘A Manual for Start-Up Spaces’ sets out some of the thinking developed by the studio on the idea of meanwhile spaces.
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Elephant Arcade

Unused garage space transformed into small retail units and a cafe for local independent traders.

28.05.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Coachworks

Coachworks is very much on the map in more ways than one.
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Clarnico Quay

We’re finding inspiration in converted warehouses to provide new temporary spaces for artists, makers and creatives.

24.05.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Pop Brixton

Have a look at what lies beneath Pop Brixton. What does ‘affordability’ really mean?
26.04.2019     TW.TV → Designing

Mountview Academy

We created a 'warehouse for the arts' – see what the students think after moving into the new building in Peckham.
20.04.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Peckham Levels

It all starts with an open mind.
08.04.2019     Thoughts → Designing

What you can learn from Mountview

Is it possible for a performing arts college to be based on a truly sustainable business model?
25.03.2019     TW.TV → Running

Discover Coachworks

Carl Turner, Founding Director of Turner Works, explains the vision behind Coachworks and what the development will include.
25.03.2019     TW.TV → Running

Coachworks Explained

Carl Turner, Founding Director at Turner Works, explains what Coachworks is and how he got involved in the project.
24.03.2019     Thoughts → Making

What you can learn from Clarnico Quay

Railway arches are a great starting point for thinking about how to design new spaces for makers.
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We’re reinventing a collection of historic warehouses and industrial sheds

28.02.2019     PODCAST → Designing

Why is architecture so big on Instagram?

Carl was recently interviewed by @bbcworldservice to question “Why architecture is so big on instagram?”.

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Bellingham House

Making the most out of simple materials and construction techniques to create a family’s dream home on a modest budget.

03.07.2018     PODCAST → Running

Regent Radio pt.5

On the afternoon/evening of 15th of June 2018, we transformed our studio into a temporary radio station broadcasting live during the London Festival of Architecture.

28.06.2018     PODCAST → Designing

Regent Radio pt.4

On the afternoon/evening of 15th of June 2018, we transformed our studio into a temporary radio station broadcasting live during the London Festival of Architecture.