We take simple things and put them together in interesting ways.
We build, manage and deliver.
We get our hands dirty.
We make things happen.

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Slip House

The project consists of three stacked boxes, pushed or slipped outwards from the back of the site towards the street. This avoids overshadowing houses to the rear and breaks up the bulk of the building, giving it a sculptural form. The three boxes include spaces for living, sleeping and working with a spacious studio space on the ground floor.

The house is extremely energy efficient and designed to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5, with a range of special features including PVTs (solar thermal panels); a wildflower roof; rainwater harvesting for gardening, washing clothes and WCs.

Slip House has been recognised for its design and sustainability credentials through a number of high profile awards including the prestigious Manser Medal and the RIBA National Award for best house in the UK.

13.01.2020     Thoughts → Running

Coachworks Featured in the AJ First Look

Turner Works reimagines railway yard as community ‘start-up campus’ in Ashford
15.07.2019     Thoughts → Making

Peckham Levels Shortlisted in AJ Retrofit Awards

Our meanwhile project in Peckham was Shortlisted for AJ Retrofit Awards Office category.
25.06.2019     TW.TV → Running

Welcome to Turner Works

It’s been 11 years of Carl Turner Architects. It’s time for a new name and a new way of talking about ourselves. We’re Turner Works.
06.06.2019     Thoughts → Designing

Mountview shortlisted for NLA Awards

Great news! We are excited to announce that our project Mountview has been shortlisted for an NLA award
05.06.2019     Thoughts → Designing

A Manual for Start-Up Spaces

‘A Manual for Start-Up Spaces’ sets out some of the thinking developed by the studio on the idea of meanwhile spaces.
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Elephant Arcade

Unused garage space transformed into small retail units and a cafe for local independent traders.

28.05.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Coachworks

Coachworks is very much on the map in more ways than one.
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Clarnico Quay

We’re finding inspiration in converted warehouses to provide new temporary spaces for artists, makers and creatives.

24.05.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Pop Brixton

Have a look at what lies beneath Pop Brixton. What does ‘affordability’ really mean?
26.04.2019     TW.TV → Designing

Mountview Academy

We created a 'warehouse for the arts' – see what the students think after moving into the new building in Peckham.
20.04.2019     Thoughts → Running

What you can learn from Peckham Levels

It all starts with an open mind.
08.04.2019     Thoughts → Designing

What you can learn from Mountview

Is it possible for a performing arts college to be based on a truly sustainable business model?
25.03.2019     TW.TV → Running

Discover Coachworks

Carl Turner, Founding Director of Turner Works, explains the vision behind Coachworks and what the development will include.
25.03.2019     TW.TV → Running

Coachworks Explained

Carl Turner, Founding Director at Turner Works, explains what Coachworks is and how he got involved in the project.
24.03.2019     Thoughts → Making

What you can learn from Clarnico Quay

Railway arches are a great starting point for thinking about how to design new spaces for makers.
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We’re reinventing a collection of historic warehouses and industrial sheds

28.02.2019     PODCAST → Designing

Why is architecture so big on Instagram?

Carl was recently interviewed by @bbcworldservice to question “Why architecture is so big on instagram?”.

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Bellingham House

Making the most out of simple materials and construction techniques to create a family’s dream home on a modest budget.

03.07.2018     PODCAST → Running

Regent Radio pt.5

On the afternoon/evening of 15th of June 2018, we transformed our studio into a temporary radio station broadcasting live during the London Festival of Architecture.

02.07.2018     Thoughts → Running

Meanwhile as a solution

We have developed an expertise in temporary or ‘meanwhile’ development.