I love to draw. From sketching on the walls of my room as a kid to my graduation project at the RCA through to my daily practice at Turner Works, drawing is at the heart of how I think and make. It is my creative and strategic go-to tool for making delightful and surprising architecture happen.

At the start of every project I take a huge piece of paper and draw out the whole ecosystem of the project, capturing the client’s vision and the opportunities and constraints of the brief. I spend time immersed with the whole team – clients, stakeholders, engineers, and project managers. We sketch the space, the people and all that needs to happen. We identify what’s working and what isn’t, collectively. The resulting drawing is both an innovative spatial scheme and a practical action plan that sets the ball rolling. It allows us to translate ideas into practice, from sketch to digital model to real inhabited space.

Joining Turner Works as a new director in 2019 I brought my drawing pens, along with extensive business and project experience in education, workplace and interiors to the practice. I’m excited to be co-developing the next phase of the practice: designing, building and operating innovative schemes that deliver new forms of value for clients and communities.