Though small this project demonstrates the power of true community engagement.  Magnificent Revolution – a not-for-profit organisation teaching children about energy use with bike powered generators – had been given an £8,000 grant to create a small studio on Hackney City Farm in East London.

They asked Turner Works’ advice on how to create something beautiful yet functional on a shoestring on their unusual location next to the pigsty.  We felt that a shipping container would provide the perfect low cost solution to their problems allowing them the space they needed and the visual impact required.

The project was built in just four weeks with the help of volunteers and community members. The container was craned into place and clad with reclaimed shipping palettes. A timber-framed screen was placed inside the container doors, and a slot quickly cut out for a side window.


Magnificent Revolution


Best Office Extension or Refurbishment at the NLA Don’t Move Improve Awards 2012

Tim Crocker