“(Don’t Ask Me) I Just Work Here” is a deck of cards to transform space and mind.

For the 2021 Davidson Prize, we teamed up with Accept & Proceed and David Michon to devise a simple, cheap-as-chips tool to help any and all build an increased sense of agency over the physical environment they live and work in (and, for that matter, their mental state) using what is already at hand. New demands on the home mean a lot of mode-switching – “I Just Work Here” aims to assist.

Inspired by the Eames’ ‘House of Cards’ (1952), Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’ (1975), Peter Zumthor’s ‘Atmospheres’ (2006), as well as Yoko Ono and Lawrence Weiner, “I Just Work Here” is, simply, a deck of cards. An architecturally-minded, graphically-beautiful, story-telling deck of cards.

100 cards that provide prompts – actions, questions, advice; through words and illustration – assigned to different moments of day: starting up, changing direction, winding down.

Davidson Prize


Accept & Proceed
David Michon