Supernature imagines a new type of community-focused suburban landscape where the emphasis is on quality of life and not home ownership. The outdoors, gardening and community food production are proposed as the glue to both establish and retain a sense of community, combined with three distinct housing typologies designed to provide a variety of home environments that will be desirable to all ages and groups.

The three typologies each demonstrate a new way of living and include: start-up homes, family housing and housing for the elderly. Each typology provides a healthy balance of private and public areas, centred around a shared courtyard.

Planting is encouraged to grow both around and within the building: on terraces, green roofs, up walls and in courtyards. The planting works in unity with both the building and its occupants, providing shade and privacy, clean air and food as well as communal activities.

Like the planting, the occupants are encouraged to grow and adapt their home over time with their changing requirements, finding a new ‘container’ within the community if need be.



RIBA Housing Competition

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