Located on the same site as Ochre Barn, the idea for this dilapidated concrete frame shed was to create a separate workspace studio that could also act as a self-contained one-bedroom shack for guests.


The renovation was carried out on an extremely tight budget and eventually cost just £32,000 to complete.  It has since become one of our most published projects.

Dividing crosswalls were introduced in order to work with a prefabricated timber frame system that kept the costs down.  The building was clad with rough sawn 100 x 25mm fencing planks and treated with an ebony stain system.  Openings sit just behind the plane of the cladding like a taught membrane, and the timber frame structure continues behind.  This gives the impression that the cladding has been peeled away, particularly at night.


Horizontal windows, placed lower than they would normally be, pick up both large skies and flat landscape outside.  Through these windows we tried to orchestrate a sequence of views depending on whether you are standing, sitting or lying down.



Architects’ Journal Small Projects 2012 (Shortlisted)

Tim Crocker
Jeremy Phillips