Pop Brixton, located in South London is a new ‘mini city’ of culture, enterprise and community. Created on what was previously a brownfield site of around 2,000 sqm, Pop Brixton has transformed this once derelict space into a hive of activity, bringing much needed affordable work and leisure space to the area.


Consisting of new workshops, cafés, bars, events and exhibition spaces as well as an open public space to meet and exchange, Pop Brixton has been designed to act as a new creative microcosm in the bustling surroundings of this part of London.


Built from low-cost, low-energy, shipping containers, the flexible design approach has a focus on sustainability and efficiency. The aim of the project is to create a place where things are possible and therefore the design allows for flexible spaces that can evolve.


The project has created around 250 jobs within 50 different spaces across the site. The project is a partnership with Lambeth Council and The Collective and is conceived as an incubator of local talent. It has already received widespread acclaim within the architecture community and beyond, and has been shortlisted for an NLA temporary space award 2015.

How we did it:
• We got together with Lambeth Council and Make Shift.
• We used twenty- and forty-foot containers and then created a bespoke timber-framed building to sit between these.
• We brought everything together with welcoming outdoor space, greenery and an urban garden.

What you’ll find:
• 50 different spaces
• A co-working space with over 200 members
• More than 15,000 visitors every week in summer
• More than 250 jobs
• More than 50 apprenticeships and work placements
• £9million contributed to the Brixton economy in a year

And just as importantly:
• Places to eat, drink and socialise
• A vegetarian café and canteen
• Regular workshops for children and adults
• Space for community events
• A community garden and greenhouse – where local people can get involved and learn
• A grand poly-tunnel – which doubles up as a communal dining hall






Lambeth Council


NLA Mayor’s Prize Commendation 2015

Tim Crocker