Flooding is and will continue to be a major national and global problem. Protecting the areas at risk with top-down landscaping measures such as defence walls is often too expensive. Therefore, an alternative solution is necessary. We believe the problem of flooding should be solved at its roots (i.e. climate change) by making a blueprint for housing that is carbon neutral and self-sufficient. Our design for lightweight houses can be supported on a variety of structures including a base within a floodplain, on piles or even on a floating pontoon.

DIY is becoming increasingly popular. Techniques such as 3d printing and CNC milling make it easier for everyone to build and the Internet makes it easy to exchange information and knowledge. This gives architecture the potential to become more available to all – providing open-source architecture that everyone can reproduce with blueprints available for download.

Our project takes this into the account therefore the “hull” of the house can be made by a subcontractor and the shuttering can be made with the use of CNC milling. The solid timber structure (CLT) can be ordered from a CLT manufacturer, who can then build it on site in just one to two weeks. Windows can be supplied and fitted by the manufacturer and people can choose to what extent they wish to Do It Themselves and customise the design of their new home.

Paper House

Forbes Massie
Turner Works