It went from this:
A dilapidated coach house nestled between a row workshops and the perimeter wall of a Camberwell park.

To this:
The design is conceptualised as a two-storey timber house, slotted within the masonry wall of the former garage. Exposed faces of the building are clad in a veil of slatted timber.

• Ground floor, two bedrooms with deep window reveals protruding through the existing openings of the masonry wall. On the front elevation, the timber screen provides additional privacy to the bedrooms while also concealing external bike and bin storage.


•  First Floor, open-plan living / kitchen / dining with a small study and screened terrace. Framed views into the park, the upper floor of the house sits above the masonry level, nestling its self into the tree line and embracing nature. This is reinforced by the integration of bird and bat boxes into the cladding beside the kitchen windows. A skylight positioned above the stair allows access to the roof while also flooding natural light deep into the centre of the plan.



Turner Works