Being anti-racist is an all year long / everyday journey but Black History Month presents an opportunity to not just be challenged but also celebrate black joy and creation.

In order for the design community to be more diverse and inclusive it begins with individuals within organisations to look at their own preconceived ideas, notions and judgements first. The works starts from within, only then will we see change on a wider scale. Only 1% of our countries architects are black and it is all of our responsibilities to ensure that we do what we can to provide equal opportunity for all to excel and be celebrated in our profession.

This month we’ve planned and hosted an event and space in celebration of BHM, sharing the work of black creators who inspire our practice and discussing how we can truly contribute to building diversity within the architectural profession and in our studio.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the fantastic Trap Fruits London who provided the food and drink for the event, while also extending our appreciation to all the black owned businesses and black communities who have a connection with our projects.