Our meanwhile project in Peckham was Shortlisted in AJ Retrofit Awards Office category this year!

A multi-storey car park might not seem like the most promising or creative of spaces, but this run-down, neglected structure presented us with the perfect conditions and raw materials for what we had in mind – a creative and cultural space where people could work, learn, create, share skills, and simply come together.

It is a platform for creative talent and its post occupation evaluation will be measured in the social, cultural and economic benefits it brings to the local community of Peckham over its 15 year lifespan.

Since opening the project has already created employment opportunities with over 600 people working in the converted multi-storey car park each day. The project has exceeded its commitment to ensure that at least 70% of members are from the local borough of Southwark, with 75% of members from Peckham itself, and 85% are from Southwark.

Peckham Levels occupies levels -1 to 6 of Peckham Town Centre Carpark on Rye Lane.