Turner Works


Tim Crocker

We have developed an expertise in temporary or ‘meanwhile’ development. This is the interim use of land or building for which the long-term plan is uncertain. These types of projects have a lifespan that would normally be considered far too short for investment. We believe, however, that we have an evolving model that can unlock both the short and long-term potential of under-utilised sites. We believe that the push effect of standard development models is exacerbating the gentrification of successful cities around the world. We propose the PULL effect as a possible solution, where PULL stands for Populate, Unlock, Learn, and Legacy.

Populate – Deploy temporary structure (or occupy an existing building) and create spaces tailored to local needs. What is missing in an area can only be understood by inviting people to come forward and co-create a place. The ‘architecture’ needs to be loose-fit to accommodate change. This process allows us to engage with people through the act of doing rather than talking.


Unlock –We have found it important to create a supportive environment by letting a proportion of spaces at subsidised rents. This unlocks the potential of a place by unlocking the potential of local people. By literally pulling people with us we create a stepping stone economy.

Learn – The resultant spread of uses will grow organically and become a test bed, informing the potential future of the site. It is important to learn from the success and failures in order that the legacy captures the promise of the transient.

Legacy – We believe that the afterlife of a project allows for an evolution of place through the act of meaningful and productive engagement. The meanwhile project can thus be thought to incubate, inspire and inform people, businesses, communities and activities that are then capable of plugging into a longer-term proposal.

This model has also influenced one of our more permanent buildings, a 100 000 square feet theatre and rehearsal facility for Mountview, also in Peckham. Following our ethos of unlocking the potential of people and places, the development seeks to deliver an exceptional facility, not only for staff and students, but also for the wider community. We aim to do this by providing a mixture of private and public space, which has the potential to become a valuable resource for local people.