02.07.2018     Thoughts → Running

Meanwhile as a solution

We have developed an expertise in temporary or ‘meanwhile’ development.
16.06.2018     Thoughts → Running

Regent Radio

We transformed our studio into a temporary radio station broadcasting live during the London Festival of Architecture. 
24.09.2015     Thoughts → Designing

Frame House in Detail

At the start we all had to agree to play nicely and never fall out if we worked together.
02.09.2015     Thoughts → Imagining

Home not House

We think of home as a stage where events take place and conjure up memories of childhood.
24.04.2015     Thoughts → Designing

Four Principles

Legibility, flexibility, durability, affordability.
24.11.2014     Thoughts → Making

Thinking through making

I grew up in the North of England where the thought of getting someone in to fix something was almost unheard of.
14.09.2014     Thoughts → Making

Slip House in Details

Making good buildings requires more than good ideas. Read the detailed story of the Award-winning Slip House.
19.08.2014     Thoughts → Imagining

Small is Good

If there are any positives from the last recession one is the discovery of thrift, recycling, the temporary & the small.
14.08.2014     Thoughts → Running

Living Over the Shop

The idea of working at home is not a new one, but like so many apparently simple activities that were once commonplace.
24.05.2014     Thoughts → Making

Small Thought on Value

One of the lessons we learnt is that there is nothing to be gained from shying away from business or the idea of money.
27.03.2014     Thoughts → Running


Increasingly we think the Green Belt in its present form isn’t working.
27.01.2014     Thoughts → Making

The Conceptual Detail

We don’t see buildings necessarily as a series of components ordered from catalogues.
23.01.2014     Thoughts → Designing

At the Foot of the City

Suburbs literally means ‘at the foot of the city’– & beneath the concentration of wealth & power upon the Roman hills.
03.11.2013     Thoughts → Making


A love of the process of collage as a working method springs from our background as teachers.
24.05.2013     Thoughts → Designing

An ‘Urban’ Condition

Like many small practices, our studio has followed cheap space around central London for the last ten years or so.
01.02.2013     Thoughts → Making

Craft and Materiality

We built our early projects ourselves for a number of reasons.