In October 2016 we were invited by the landowner to develop the site at Creton Street as part of the broader and longer term plan for regeneration of the site. The project’s intention is to generate a space that can act as an incubator for new cultural industry, arts, music, novel innovative business and food ventures and makers, to then be able to incorporate these resultant creative practices of newly established markets and producers with the framework of the longer term plan.


The proposed meanwhile development is intended to run for five years, and in this time for it to nurture small local businesses and independent vendors, which we see as a way of creating a platform for creative entrepreneurs and local talent. The Creton Street site offers a great opportunity to utilise an underused space, provide an anchor for the redevelopment of the area, at the same time placing a focal point to allow creative practices and business to thrive.


The proposed scheme is formed as the shipping containers’ perimeter, enclosing communal central space, lit by natural light from the top. It is a mixed-use creative campus, providing food and drink spaces, start-up incubators and studios for artists, makers, designers.


In order to connect the hidden site on Creton Street back to the high street, we propose to activate the route on Powis Street through a number of temporary interventions. Our initial vision is to create a vibrant shared surface with minimised vehicular interaction. We also look to extend the language of Powis Street into the immediate side-streets and yards, creating varying moments in currently empty space. This may be achieved by small kiosks, planting, street furniture and lighting, leading towards Wool Yard.


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