A specially designed juice bar for Lovage and Ace Hotel exhibited as part of Wallpaper* (Magazine) Handmade at the Salone del Mobile  2014 in Milan.

CTA were selected to design the piece as part of an on-going collaboration between the sponsors, The American Hardwood Export Council, and Wallpaper*, who have previously commissioned works from leading designers and craftsmen, including  Sou Fujimoto, Aberrant Architects and Adam Khan.

Repurposed from previous exhibitions, the Tulip wood was used on this outing to construct the bar. To minimise waste, each board was divided into equal timber slats and are presented in different finishes and rhythms creating a lightweight set of hollow forms that are arranged as a continuous structure that weaves into the exhibition space.

Benches and a high table at either end of the bar provide a social hub and support the bar unit. The slatted construction breaks down the mass of the bar and removes the distinction between server and served while the two benches stretch out towards the rest of the exhibition like open arms welcoming the guests in.



Giovanni Nardi