One thing I really enjoy is the diversity of projects we get to work on: public buildings, private houses, temporary workspaces to name a few. We often strive to achieve a certain degree of economy (of materials, of expression, of means) in the work, and carrying those key moves and key ideas through a project takes a great deal of effort from all involved.

Collaboration – be it amongst ourselves in the office, with clients and consultants, on site with (or as) contractors – is an endlessly rewarding part of the process. Seeing Peckham Levels through from competition to completion was a valuable experience for me and a lot of what we learned on that job has informed our approach to subsequent transformation schemes.

One such project is Elephant Arcade, a far smaller sibling to Peckham at about 1/16th of the scale, but with just as much ambition. In conception and execution the two are certainly part of the same family – we’ve made similar moves but refined some details to respond to the robust character of our 1970s host building. Elephant Arcade is due to complete in the coming months and I’m very excited to see the transformation once the tenants move in and make the space their own.