Head of Construction

I enjoy making spaces tailored specifically to a client’s needs; be that a work space, office space or a home. I love getting to grips with the detail of a project, balancing the competing elements and whittling all that down to find a simple, cohesive solution that is both elegant and functional.

I had a dream commission early in my career to design a house on the New Zealand coast with views over the ocean. Working intensely with the client our approach was to design the exterior space first and position internal spaces very carefully to maximise connections between. Walls formed of large panes of glass could be slid away to merge interior and exterior, with the whole ensemble brought together under a simple, elegant canopy. The contrast between what we designed and what the clients had before was so stark but seeing them opening and closing certain elements to connect with and enjoy views of the surrounding land was so satisfying. It also taught me that the unique character of the project can only develop by thoroughly investigating a client’s needs and that’s a lesson that can be applied to any project regardless of scale.

At Turner Works I am again recreating that special bond working closely with clients, taking a leading role in the execution of the vision to ensure every detail is considered right through construction.