I am intrigued by the inter-disciplinarian nature of architecture; the problem solving needs and the balancing required between design, aesthetic, functional and personal interpretive considerations make it a subject full of possibilities to engage with and learn from. The fields of research, range of approaches and the people met through processes in architecture continue to inform and create new challenges, opportunities and explorations.

Each project, new or old gives me the chance to build on these experiences and see a new space come into formation; a new scale or approach, an old use reinterpreted, a found cultural expression. Seeing how a design can evolve from the beginning into something better, or can remain true to a concept and idea through to completion in the process of working is a source of fascination for me.

A building or space taking on life or spurring change in its surroundings, or the impact of resolution and completion of a role for a team at the end of the project, to then think of the next set of considerations or obstacles on a new project is perhaps the most fun part of my work!