What I like about my job is that every day is different. At Turner Works we help a very broad range of clients on a variety of projects that many would consider unconventional in both their site and brief. Even when working on the same project for a length of time this brief can evolve as it is first written then developed and refined in conversation with clients, local stakeholders and end users.

One such project that sums up this experience is Peckham Levels. What began as an open ideas competition and the spatial challenge of what to do with a dis-used multi-storey parking structure soon became a project about building a piece of social infrastructure in a very important part of South London.

Once we brought our competition proposal forward to public consultation the project took on layers of richness and complexity when we began a dialogue with the local community and the end users. The combination or different uses and the diverse mix of tenants has created unexpected overlaps, connections and moments of surprise.

Now going back to this project it is particularly rewarding to see how the tenants have used the space to grow their businesses, pursue their creativity and to build a new community.

While some projects are finished, photographed and added to the portfolio this project is one that continues to evolve and its success will be measured by its social impact and the legacy it will leave behind.