Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I found assisting with the re-brand process of (now) Turner Works to be an interesting and extremely rewarding experience.

My practice so far has been focused on typography and layout designs for editorial, book designs and other printed formats, so joining the team with a task to be a part of creating a new kind of architectural practice has been a very challenging experience to me. There was a great level of collaboration and communication that I have been involved in and for a young designer it was a great opportunity to learn.

It is an ongoing process, the brand is evolving, and we do not know yet where it will take us, but it is an exciting journey. I think what the team at Turner Works is doing is very forward-thinking and it’s great to see everyone being so motivated and involved. There is a great team spirit in the office, and it drives the positive change. The process of changing identity can be scary and uncertain at times, but it’s a brave step forward. I can’t wait to see the benefits it brings for the business.