Senior Architect

I am a big believer in the capacity of architecture to be a democratic activity that helps people build agency, by involving everyone in creating change. As a practitioner and academic, my work explores how this can happen through participatory practice-led design.

The Weston-super-Mare Placemaking Strategy is a great example of how engaging people of all ages across a town can be done in a fun but impactful way, integrating valuable resident insights into design at multiple scales. From designing postcards for people to draw or write their wishes for Weston on, through to running walks around town, co-writing poems and having an exhibition, public engagement is a distinct way design can begin to inhabit space and create change. Following our placemaking strategy prospectus and website, a number of projects in the ‘microplan’ have already come to fruition: street art, a usable marine lake, co-working spaces revitalising empty units and creative public activities – namely the SEEMONSTER opening in the Tropicana in summer 2022.