Architectural Assistant

The variety of experience that comes from being an architect and designer is what I find interesting about this role. There is an opportunity to work across projects of many different scales, from community focused public buildings to private houses. The process of taking a project from drawing and model making, engaging with the public, to designing and fabricating bespoke joinery keeps things fresh on a day to day basis.

Many of the projects that the practice are involved in go beyond the traditional architecture framework. There is encouragement towards the hands-on approach to making, developing designs and ideas by drawing and model making combined with direct engagement with the public. It makes our work more vibrant and gives us more freedom to explore ideas that are interesting and challenging. The solutions are imaginative and informed by research and results in work is solid and of high quality but also exciting and unconventional at the same time.

As a new member of Turner Works I look forward to working across many disciplines and broadening the possibilities of what we can do as a team.