Architectural Assistant

I believe the practice of architecture presents an opportunity to address many of the challenges facing society today.  Reimagining what is possible and achievable through grassroots projects, working with limited resources while laying the groundwork for a more positive, sustainable and community-centric future is what drives me.


I experienced the positive effect this can have during my time at university where I co-founded a female art collective, hosting inclusive art, performance and music events that used creativity to reactivate neglected urban spaces whilst uniting the student community with local residents. The events were made possible through collaboration with local artists and the fact that they were predominantly held in squatted or temporary spaces.


Since joining Turner Works, I have worked on projects that support people and creative practice by providing simple, flexible and sustainable solutions where communities can thrive collectively. As a new member of the team, I am excited to be able to develop my ideas on urbanism and architecture learning within a collaborative practice alongside others of a similar mindset.