We take charge.
We organise events and spaces.
We drive everything forward.
We generate interest, energy and goodwill.

07.03.2016     TW.TV → Designing

The Architect Pitch

Seven architects and an expert panel provided plenty of entertainment and valuable advice on how to present but who was the panel's favourite and which architect left them cold?
09.12.2015     TW.TV → Designing

Nicer Tuesdays: Carl Turner on Home

Nicer Tuesdays is It's Nice That's monthly talks series bringing together four speakers to explore a particular theme.
24.04.2015     Thoughts → Designing

Four Principles

Legibility, flexibility, durability, affordability.
24.02.2015     TW.TV → Imagining

Pop Brixton – Container Delivery

Delivery of containers to POP Brixton by Carl Turner Architects on the 12th of December, 2014. London, Uk.
14.09.2014     Thoughts → Making

Slip House in Details

Making good buildings requires more than good ideas. Read the detailed story of the Award-winning Slip House.
19.08.2014     Thoughts → Imagining

Small is Good

If there are any positives from the last recession one is the discovery of thrift, recycling, the temporary & the small.
14.08.2014     Thoughts → Running

Living Over the Shop

The idea of working at home is not a new one, but like so many apparently simple activities that were once commonplace.
24.05.2014     Thoughts → Making

Small Thought on Value

One of the lessons we learnt is that there is nothing to be gained from shying away from business or the idea of money.
27.03.2014     Thoughts → Running


Increasingly we think the Green Belt in its present form isn’t working.
09.09.2013     TW.TV → Running

Slip House

The building includes a number of innovative design features to make it as flexible as possible to allow the spaces to function both as living spaces and working spaces whenever possible.
24.05.2013     Thoughts → Designing

An ‘Urban’ Condition

Like many small practices, our studio has followed cheap space around central London for the last ten years or so.
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Slip House

The award-winning Slip House occupies a gap site in a typical terraced row of houses in Brixton, South London

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Ochre Barn

This barn conversion in Norfolk demonstrates our dedication to retaining the existing character of buildings and saw CTA

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Stealth Barn

Renovation of a dilapidated concrete frame that was carried out on an extremely tight budget